Headquartered in Toronto Ontario, the fourth largest city in North America, Saand has five facilities encompassing over 570,000 square feet of manufacturing space utilizing state of the art equipment. Our ability to move orders between sites ensures that we have maximum flexibility and available capacity to meet delivery targets providing clients with the assurance that projects can be completed as scheduled, saving our customers time, cost and resources.

Combining this with an extensive selection of available glass types, Saand is uniquely qualified to be the single source of supply for all your glass needs. As a private company, Saand prides itself on its fast decision making ability and attention to detail to differentiate ourselves from the competition.

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Our History


Our Core Values

Create a safe work environment that is open and trust worthy

Focus on People
Define and live a culture of creating value for our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders

Focus on Customers
Make it easy for our customers to do business with us through process excellence, teamwork and collaboration

New Situations
Be part of an organization that is agile, adaptive and open to change

Enable Employees
Create an environment that engages employees through growth, ownership and challenge

Create and maintain a high level of expectations and standards throughout the company