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Saand is the market leader in interior glass systems for the office furniture industry. Combining endless design options and types of glass along with extensive fabrication capabilities, Saand can provide Office Equipment Manufacturers with everything from office and desk system partitions to modular wall components and everything in between.

Our manufacturing teams have developed expertise in a wide variety of processing abilities that include tempering, laminating, back painting, sand blasting, polishing, silk screening, CNC machining and mirror manufacturing while our fabricating services include polishing, beveling, notching and hole drilling. This expertise coupled with an extensive inventory of float glass ranging in thickness from 3mm to 19mm in clear, tinted, patterned, low iron and acid etched allows Saand to provide our clients with quality glass products and opens their options for designing innovative industry leading products for the office equipment marketplace.

Take a look at our gallery:

Decorative Glass

  • Silk Screen Patterns
  • Aqua Glass
  • Ceramic Frit
  • Spandrel-Opaci Coat Painted Glass
  • Tinted Glass

Painted Glass

Types Spandrel, Interior (Aquaglass), Ceramic
Colors Standard and Custom
Glass Thickness 3mm – 19mm
Size 8″ x 10″- 82″ x 142″ 11″ Diagonal – 57″ x 144″ (Interior)