Saand offers a heat soaking service designed to reduce the potential risk of breakage in the field.

Heat soaking is a thermal process which helps to expose nickel metal sulphide (NiS). It involves placing the glass inside a chamber and raising the temperature to approximately 290°C to accelerate nickel metal sulfide expansion. This impurity, sometimes imparted during the glass manufacturing process, could in some cases lead to spontaneous failure.

While the process does not fully eliminate the potential for spontaneous breakage it does assist to significantly reduce the risk of the glass rupturing due to the presence of nickel metal sulphide (NiS).

Safety by design!

Heat soaked parts are processed in accordance with European standard

Heat Soaked Glass

Glass Type Tempered only – Clear, Coated
Thickness 3.1mm – 19mm
Size 8″ x 19″ – 82″ x 142″
Maximum Weight 500lb