Heat-treated glass is used to describe glass that has undergone a thermal process to increase the strength of annealed glass. Heat-treated glass is used for its increased strength to better resist, which allows it to better resist wind loads, temperature gradients, and impacts.

We offer both heat-strengthened and fully tempered options. Industry standard ASTM C1048 defines heat-strengthened glass as having roughly twice the strength of annealed glass. When broken, it will fragment similarly to annealed glass but into fewer pieces. Heat-strengthened glass is not suitable for safety glazing as defined by ANSI Z97.1. Fully tempered glass is described as having roughly four times the strength of annealed glass. When broken, it will shatter into small pieces. This reduces the likelihood of serious injury in the event of breakage. For this reason, fully tempered glass is defined as a safety product, by ANSI Z97.1.

We heat soak in accordance with EN EN 14179-1 and we are capable of uploading all of the data collected during the process for 3rd party monitoring and record retention. Saand will also be registering heat soaked product with the Safety Glazing Certification Council once program specifics are finalized.

We perform frequent, in house testing in order to sample and validate production and ensure respective heat-treated characteristics are met. Both high volume and customized product is offered. Saand’s heat-treated process is certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council.

Safety by design!


Heat Treated Glass

Tempered Glass Thickness 3.1mm – 19mm
Heat Strengthened Glass Thickness 3.1mm – 10mm
Dimensions 5″ x 10″- 82″ x 142″