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Saand is one of North America’s premier manufacturers of Insulated Glass Units for both residential and commercial applications.

With close relationships and full certifications from all of the major float glass suppliers, Saand is able to offer an endless choice of glass and glass combinations to satisfy the performance requirements demanded in today’s marketplace.

Our dual seal units can be manufactured with a single or double airspace, come with an extensive assortment of spacer configurations including aluminum, stainless steel, and thermal edge, and are available in a wide variety of options in terms of thickness, profile, and color. With our vast fabricating capabilities, we can offer a range of possibilities for unit make up including offsets, shapes, heat treating (tempered or heat strengthened), laminating (in various thicknesses, colors, attributes), spandrel painting (ceramic and opaci-coat), silk-screening, sand blasting, and back painting to name a few.

Our product is IGCC certified to ASTM E2190 Standard Specifications for Insulated Glass Units Performance and Evaluation. Our laminated glass units comply with ANSI Z97.1, CPSC 16CFR 1201(CAT II) and ASTM 1172, the standard specification for laminated architectural glass. Saand Low E or reflective units adhere to ASTM Standard C1376, the specification for Pyrolytic and MSVD coatings on flat glass.

CAN/CGSB 12.8 Standard Specification for Insulating Glass Units


Insulated Glass Units

Size 3″ x 3″- 95″ x 135″ (gas fill), 8″ x 20″-78″ x 177″ (air fill)
Glass Thickness 2.3mm – 20.5mm
Spacer Types Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Thermal Edge
Maximum Spacer Thickness 1″
Overall Thickness 10mm – 50mm

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