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Saand can supply a variety of interior glass products including tempered, laminated and painted glass. By utilizing Saand’s extensive range of fabrication equipment Saand can supply interior glass to meet a wide range of requirements.

Applications for Saand interior glass products include office furniture, balustrades, store fronts, markerboards, shower doors, railings, stair steps and a variety of commercial and residential glass walls systems such as partitional walls, folding walls, sliding walls and frameless walls gives our customer the opportunity to bring the transparency of glass combined with features to enhance aesthetic design, privacy and security.

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Interior Glass:

  • Silk Screen Patterns
  • Aqua Glass
  • Ceramic Frit
  • Spandrel-Opaci Coat Painted Glass
  • Tinted Glass

Painted Glass

Types Spandrel, Interior (Aquaglass), Ceramic
Colors Standard and Custom
Glass Thickness 3mm – 19mm
Size 8″ x 10″- 82″ x 142″ 11″ Diagonal – 57″ x 144″ (Interior)